Calathea/Prayer Plants

Calathea/Prayer Plant Fam

These plants originate from the Rainforest floors in South America. They are loved for their stunning inherited variegation which means it is stable and present in all plants and doesn't revert like the genetic mutation variegation found in plants such as Monstera Albo. Members of the prayer plant family, they bring their leaves to an upright closed position at night that mimics praying hands.
Lightmoderate indirect to mimic the conditions of mottled sunlight that reaches the forest floor
Soil: needs to hold moisture, but not sit soggy. A good mix is 50 percent potting soil, 20 percent orchid bark, 20 percent charcoal, and 10 percent perlite
Humidity: high humidity is a must to mimic their natural habitat and prevent curling crispy leaves. Use a humidifier near the plant and/or mist daily. Another method to increase humidity is a pebble tray. Use any shallow container and fill with pebbles/marbles. Add water and sit your plant on the tray. Viola! Humidity!
WaterJust like the leaves need humidity the roots need consistent moisture without sitting soggy. Check every couple of days to see if the top portion of the soil is dry (approx 1-2 inches, less for smaller pots like 4"). If dry add water to moisten all portions of the soil.