"Satin Pothos" is not a pothos at all.  This beauty is native to Southeast Asia (think Malaysia and Thailand).  In it's natural habitat it climbs trees, but with nothing to climb will happy trail across the ground.  This makes it a pretty addition to your collection in a hanging basket or with a trellis or pole. 

This is an easy care houseplant. 

Light-bright, indirect

Water-it's not a succulent, but is good at storing water in the stems and fleshy leaves. Allow the entirety of the soil to dry almost completely out to prevent overwatering and rot.  If the leaves start to curl it is definitely time for a drink

Humidity-it needs above average so mist leaves daily and use a humidifier if the air in your house is dry.

Soil-A fast-draining soil works well with this genus. Something with a lot of perlite, bark, or other additives for aeration is perfect. Create your own using a combination of equal parts standard potting mix, perlite, and orchid bark.  Pot in a pot with good drainage holes.  Also terra cotta works well for Scindapsus.

Fertilizer-Use a balanced fertilizer dilluted to half strength monthly spring-summer