Staghorn Fern

Platycerium bifurcatum

These ferns are native to Australia, Africa, and Southeast Asia.  They are gorgeous with fronds that resemble antlers. They're epiphytes that grow on trees in their natural habitat (like orchids.)  They have two types of leaves, the antler-like fronds and the flat basal leaf.  The basal leaf provides structure and support and over time turns brown and paper-like, sometimes resembling a fungus, but it's not. These are often mounted in baskets or on wood and hung.  This mimics their natural orientation. They do not produce seeds, but can be propagated from pups that grow off the mother plants.  If you want to grow pups cut them off with sharp scissors or an exacto knife and then mount as you would a mature plant.

bright indirect-off to the side of any window except west facing is best.  West facing windows may allow too much afternoon sun that is prone to burning leaves

since they're epiphytes the need a loose medium like spaghnum moss (orchid moss) or other mosses.  If grown in a pot vs mounted you can mix in a small amount of potting soil, but the medium should be mostly spag moss and bark.

in the wild the ferns rely on water that trickles down the tree bark and drops from the leaves above. Water the medium as soon as it is completely dry.  Don't overwater or allow it sit soggy/wet.  The roots are prone to rot. 

while they appreciate humidity they are also prone to black spot fungal disease.  Mist the basal leaf daily and if the fronds are getting crispy use a humidifier nearby, but not directly on the plant.

use a light fertilizer 1:1:1 diluted once a month in spring and summer

Toxicity- NON-TOXIC