String of Turtles

Peperomia Prostrata

This eye-catching semi-succulent is a peperomia native to South American rainforests. They grow on the forest floors and are often found carpeting the ground or climbing trees. The root systems are shallow so it is important that you do not allow the container to dry out too much as the top layer is where they get their moisture. Despite being a semi-succulent they like to have moist soil similar to calatheas.

Light-bright indirect is best, but they are also happy to grow in artificial light (No direct sun as this can cause lightening of the leaves and leaf drop)

Soil- well-aerated rich soil, 2 parts peat (holds moisture & releases slowly to prevent rot) and 1 part perlite or sand, the plant has shallow roots so don't pot up in too big of a container

Water-keep moist but not soggy allow only the top .5 to 1 inch to dry between watering, bottom/wick watering recommended

Humidity-50% use a humidifier, pebble tray or lightly mist trailing vines only if the air is dry